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About Us

Founded on the core mission of helping people train their brain and increase their IQ around the globe, Train Your Brain is now among the leading communities with more than 9 million+ minds. Every day thousands of people visit our website to increase their IQ and improve their brain performance.

The success a person achieves in life is linked to his IQ. The better the IQ of a person, the more he will be aware of his surroundings and be able to make better decisions. Better decisions eventually lead to a better life financially, physically and mentally.

We live in a time of distraction. Everything on the internet ranging from cute cats to funny videos to ads want to capture our attention. In this information overloaded world, people are getting more and more anxious and giving rise to brain diseases. Therefore, it is important that everyone takes a step back and starts taking caring of his brain.

Thousands of people have being benefitted from Train Your Brain. We get emails each day from people around the world who tell our about their stories before and after taking Train Your Brain IQ test. They tell us how their life has significantly improved. They are better problem solvers, have been promoted in the workspace and have a better life.

We hope you, our reader also benefits from our hundreds of hours of research trying to come up with perfect brain trainings for you.